Pi network Review | Pi mining app real or fake?

pi network mobile crypto mining app is now very trending crypto currency mining app. But many people have confusion that is it real or fake? From today’s article i am give you complete information about pi network. Also tell you it is scam or fake?

What is pi network?

Pi network is a crypto currency. Everyone can mine this currency by using their mobile phone. Basically, if you wants to mine any crypto currency it’s need 24×7 electricity, high speed cpu, GPU, hd graphics card etc. But, for mining pi network you have no need any of this. Anyone can download pi mobile app from play store and start mining. Although it’s not consume battery power or heavy internet data.

Use Cases of pi coin

According to there website it’s have multiple use cases. It will work same like other blockchain network ethereum, bitcoin, tron etc. Anyone can use pi coin to buy sell goods or services. Soon pi team launch buy-sell marketplace. Where anyone can buy-sell goods or services by using pi coin.

How to Mine pi?

The mining process of pi network is very simple. Just install pi network app from play store and install it in your mobile. While register use suman0342 as a invitation code. After that open this app daily and click on power icon on this app. Then mining will be automatically started. To increase your mining power you can refer your friend also.

Pi network

Price of pi network

The price of pi coin is now zero. Because, it is not listed in any crypto exchanges. So, you have no option to sell it. If you have pi coin in your app for now it’s worthless. It’s listed in coinmarketcap but from where you can’t find any data. In conteemarketcap it is in untrack mode. If in future it will list in any exchanges then you can sell it.

Pi Network roadmap and future Planning

According to their roadmap pi have three phases. Phase I, II and III. It’s in phase II stage. In phase I they build and develop their project. In phase II stage they start mining program in their app and launch test net.

In this stage anyone can download their app and start minning pi coin. In phase III stage pi team will launch their main net. Where it’s blockchain will work like other crypto networks. And people can sell their mined coins in exchanges. But, no one know the exact timing of pi networks exchange listing.

Team and community

In play store pi network have 4.4 star rating and 10m+ downloads. According to it’s website pi network’s head of technology’s name is Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis. And Head of Product’s name is Dr. Chengdiao Fan. Both are PHD. Pi network’s twitter followers is almost 4lakh plus. So you can say it has very large community.

Cons of Pi network

This project have various cons, which I am going to discuss in below.

  • No use cases are live in this project
  • It’s have huge community, but maximum people are sellers and few people are buyers.
  • It’s not listed in any exchange so it’s worthless
  • People give allegation to pi network for misusing users personal data but till now it’s not proof
  • Not enough information about future planning and exchange listing date in their roadmap
  • If pi will list in exchanges, it will surely dump heavily. Because, it have almost more than 10 million users. And all have huge quantities coin in their wallet.

Why people promoting pi?

You can see many people promoting pi network in facebook, twitter, youtube and all others social network. Actually in pi app there is a option of refer and earn. If someone invite people through his refferal link his mining power will be increase. This is the main reason why people promoting it. More invitation means more high mining power and chances to mine more coins daily.

How pi team earn huge money?

In the digital world traffic or user based is the most valuable assets. Pi network mining app is downloaded by more than 10 million users and they have more than 600k followers in twitter. They are easily use this community to generate huge revenue. Pi start showing adds in their application. And it’s give them huge earning. Also they have more than 10 million people’s data, they can sell your data and earn money easily.


As per my opinion pi network is not looking a good project. If it will listed in exchange in future it will dump heavily. Because people sell their mined coin. Ultimately, you will earn a small amount. But, for it you are lossing your valuable time. So think yourself.

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