How to make money from Telegram app?

From this article I am going to show you how to make money from Telegram app. There are many ways to earn from telegram app. I will discuss with you about 10 ways to earn money from Telegram.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a fastest growing cloud based messaging app. Mainly maximum of users use it for it’s end to end encryption facilities and high level of privacy and security. Telegram is available for desktop and mobile both. Telegram has 500 million monthly active users and almost 55 million daily active users.

Make money from Telegram

There are many ways to earn money from telegram app. Many people from all over the world earn huge money from telegram. Telegram has a huge number of active users based. And it’s the main reason why we can earn millions of money from telegram. To make money from telegram you can create a telegram channel or a telegram group. You must have active users based in your channel or group. So, let’s know the best 10 ways to make money from telegram.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and best method to earn money from telegram. Now days, almost all popular ecommerce sites giving affiliate account to promote their product. You can create affiliate account in multiple popular ecommerce websites like Amazon, Myntra etc. But, to get affiliate account from this big websites like Amazon is not being easy. For this, I am suggesting you, a smart website EarnKaro. From where you can create all major e-commerce website’s (Amazon, flipkart, Myntra, Jabong ctc) product affiliate link instantly. No need to wait for approval of affiliate account.Then, select the best products as per your channel members interest. Create links and share in your telegram channels or groups. If, any of your channel members will buy any product by using your links. You will earn handsome commission from them. The websites like Myntra provided upto 40% commission per sale. So, if your selected products are best, then you will earn good money from your telegram channel or group.

2) Refer and Earn Apps

Now days, there are so many applications from where you can earn good money. In Google play store you can find many refer and earn apps. Which can give you 10 to 500 rupees profit. When someone create account by using your link. Many apps like upstox, 5paisa etc gives you 500 rupees per referral. Just imagine if you have good user base in your telegram, then how much you can earn. If only 10 people will join from your link you will earn 5000 rupees easy profit. Not only upstox, there are many apps for earning. Here I am showing you, some screenshots of my earning from this types of refer and earn apps.

Earning proof

3) Selling Paid advertisement

There is no official paid advertisement option in telegram like facebook, Instagram and others social media apps. Now, almost world’s all small and big brands are promoting their business online. If you have good, active, large and selected user based in your channel, then many brands from all over the world will contact you to promote their products in your telegram channel. Suppose, if you have trading related subscribers in your telegram channel, then, many trading apps and broker will contact you to promote their apps. If your subscriber based on beauty and tips, then many cosmetics and fashion related brands will contact with you. Below you can see a paid advertisement of a brand which I promoted in my telegram channel.

Earning proof
Here is my earning proof from telegram from selling paid advertisement

4) Start a Private channel and charge a fee for it

Another good way to earn money from your channel is to creating a private channel and charging a monthly subscription fee for it. In private channel, you can provide some services or you can solve users problems, for it your channel’s users will surely give you monthly subscription fee. For it, you need to post in your main channel that, you are starting a paid group. If you are providing good knowledge through your main channel. Many people will be interested to join your private group.

5) Creating Telegram bots for others

Another option to make money from telegram is to creating different types of bots for others. Many brands and companies require bots for their business. This is not hard jobs to create a bot, need some basic technical knowledge.

6) Promoting others channel

If, you have big number of subscribers in your channel. Then many new channels will contact you to promote their channel links in your channel. You can charge noimal fee for it.

7) Get Good traffic in your blog

If you have a adsence approved blog or website along with telegram channel then, you have a very good option to make handsome money from Telegram. Just share blog post link to Telegram channel. When your telegram’s channel users will click on the link they will redirect to your blog post. In this way your blog traffic will be increased and it will also increase your adsence revenue.

8) Earn from short Link websites

There are so many short link websites. (Like adfly, linkshrink, Urlcash) If you are regularly posting any article or any updates in your telegram channel, make short link by using this short links websites. When subscribers click on this links, they will see advertisement before reaching original destination. You will earn good money from it. Many new shortlinks websites providing almost $2 to $5 for thousand click.

9) Make money by selling your channel

I personally know few peoples, who are earning huge money by selling telegram channels. At first, they create a channel, then create a good subscribers base by posting good content and updates. After that, they will sell their channel and earn good money from it. There are so many marketplace or websites from where you can sell your telegram channel. (Like accs-market) There are various telegram channels which are sold in the range between $100 to $1000.

10) Get views on youtube

By using your telegram channel you can get more viewers in your youtube channel. When you will upload a new video in your youtube channel you can share video link in telegram. In this way you will gain your youtube subscribers and viewers. If your youtube channel’s monetization is on, then your youtube revenue will also increase.


There is no shortcut to earn money from any social platforms. To earn money from telegram, you have to be consistent. Post updates regularly in your channel. Try to Find the main interest of your subscribers and post unique content. To make real money from telegram you have to work hard at the beginning stage of your channel or groups.

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  • July 18, 2021 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing such an article. This is one of the best ways to make money online. I’m using Telegram for the last several months and will try your method to get some extra income.


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