5 most important tips to keep your crypto assets safe

Nowdays, many people from all over the world interested to invest in crypto currency. So, if you are a crypto currency lover or crypto investors then, it’s very important to keep your crypto assets safe. Because, in this internet world, many scammers are continuously trying to steal your crypto. In crypto world all things are decentralized, so, if anyone steal your crypto, then you have no option to get it back. Even no Banks or centralized government can help you in this case. So, i am going to give you 5 most important tips to keep your crypto assets secure.

Here is the 5 Tips to keep your crypto assets safe

1) Always keep your Private key in safe Place

If you are using a decentralized wallet or hardware wallet to store your crypto then, it is very important to keep your private key in a safe place. At first, create it’s two copy and keep it at two different place. In future, if you will loose one of them then, you have option to recover your crypto by using second one. One more things, don’t keep your private key online to any email or cloud storage. But always remember that, if any of your private key’s copy will goes to any one’s hand, he or she can recover your all crypto assets. Also, you will loose your asset forever.

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2) Enable two factor Authentication

If your crypto assets are in different exchanges (Like Binance, Wazirx, okex, bittex etc) then make sure that 2FA security must be enable in all exchanges. Because, if anyone receive your password and username of the exchange, then he will not able to log in to your account without 2FA security code. Every time when you will try to sign in to your account then, you need to submit your 2nd step verification code. You can use google authenticator app for it. Many exchanges give you option to use mobile one time password for 2FA verification. But, i will suggest you to use google authenticator app. It’s more secure than mobile one time password.

3) For More Security use Crypto Hardware wallet

You have option to store your valuable crypto assets in hardware wallet. By using hardware wallet you can keep your crypto currency physically in offline. There are many hardware wallets in markets (like Trezor, Legder, safepal etc.) Anyone can buy this wallets from amazon or official website of the wallet. It’s cost almost five thousand rupees to twenty thousand rupees. Basically this types of wallets looks like a pen drive or flash drive. You can watch Trezor wallet unboxing and tutorial video from here.

4) Don’t hold your crypto currency in Exchanges

Basically crypto exchanges are for those people who are a regular crypto traders. Also, if you are wants to exchange any crypto with others crypto then you can use exchange. But, if your aim is to hold any crypto currency for long period then, exchange is not for you. Because, in past many exchanges are hacked or shutdown. (Example :- cryptopia) So if the exchange will be hacked or close in future then you will loose all your coins forever. So it’s better for you to keep only minimum funds in exchanges and store your maximum of assets in any decentralized or hardware wallet.

5) Use Strong Password

When creating account in crypto exchanges and wallet, you need to use strong and difficult password. Upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters must be use while choosing passwords. Also, change password after some months in every exchanges and wallets. Don’t use similar password in all places. There are many password generator websites that helps you to create a secure, strong and random password instantly.

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